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    NiCE MiNDS helps you be at your best, thrive, succeed and feel satisfied with your life and career.

    We focus on building wellbeing, satisfaction, and performance outcomes for our clients, in both their life and career.



    We work collaboratively with GP's, specialists, and HR executives in companies, to ensure our clients receive a wholistic approach to mental wellbeing and achieving their mental potential.

    We welcome self-referrals.


    Based in Nedlands, WA, we are easily accessible for clients from the Western Suburbs, UWA, the Hollywood Health precinct, Central Perth suburbs, CBD and West Perth. Free / low cost parking undercover parking and disabled access is available.


    Private health rebates may apply.

    Medicare rebates by a medical referral (Mental Health Care Plan).


    Telehealth / online counselling and coaching sessions are now available with NiCE MiNDS Psychologists.


    We are committed to supporting our clients, our community and in particular our doctors and health professionals at this time.


    Please contact your preferred Psychologist (below) for more information.

  • Profiles

    Our Psychologists

    NiCE MiNDS Psychologists are all independent practitioners. Please contact your preferred Psychologist via mobile or email for a conversation about what services and approach you are seeking and who you might be best suited to work with at NiCE MiNDS.


    Performance, Potential, Purpose

    Jan works with anyone who wants to be at their best


    Jan Elsner is a Registered Psychologist (since 1986), focusing on wellbeing, performance, and career related counselling, coaching and executive coaching. 
    Jan has worked as an executive, performance and wellbeing coach and advisor for over 20 years across government, listed, private and start-up companies, as well as with private clients.


    COVID 19 update - now also online - providing virtual, focused support to medical and health professionals, and professionals who are going through career change and challenge.


    After 30 years in Melbourne, Jan returned in 2019 to live in Perth and established NiCE MiNDS in Broadway Fair, Nedlands.


    Jan has a special ability to connect, support and explore, and works to bring out the best in her clients. Her clients are ‘working / studying well people ’ who are facing challenges, or not feeling mentally at their best, and are looking for support and a toolkit they can take away to maintain mental wellbeing.


    Jan assists people to make positive decisions and transitions in life and career, plus works with people who know they want to tackle some mental habits that are getting in the way of being at their best, including stress, motivation, anxiety, focus (ADD/ ADHD), performance, sleep, burnout and depression. Jan has particular a interest and experience working with professionals (eg medical specialists, health professionals, accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, specialist consultants, design professionals, academics); working women; tertiary students, and women going through IVF & cancer. Jan integrates strengths-based approaches, mindfulness and other mental training approaches, neurobiology (mind-body science), and positive psychology based approaches. Jan also uses neuro-technology and digital apps to help people tune-in to their own mental state and performance feedback data, and to learn how to tune-up their minds and maintain their mental wellbeing with self-help approaches.


    As an executive coach, Jan works with senior and future leaders on performance, transition, change and challenge, with a focus on individualised approaches to achieve performance, thriving, success and satisfaction, across the career life-cycle. Many of Jan's clients seek her for career transition support and advice.


    As a counsellor, Jan assists people to make positive decisions and transitions in life and career, plus works with people who know they want to tackle some mental habits that are getting in the way of being at their best, including stress, motivation, anxiety, focus (ADD/ ADHD), pain and depression.


    Prior to private practice, Jan has a 15+year career background in senior level roles including Big 4 management consulting, ASX top 50 Group HR, and digital start-ups, has served on a number of company coaching panels. Jan spent over a decade focused on strategies to increase the represntation of women in executive roles and on boards in Australia.

  • NiCE MiNDS Services

    Psychology Services and Approaches

    talk to us about what approach might be best for you


    Performance, Potential, Purpose

    Life / Career / Leadership

    Coaching can assist you to: self-reflect; develop and pursue your own personal agenda for growth and development; work on building mental skills; develop and change mental habits; evaluate options in life, relationships, career; make decisions; and simply to have a sounding board in your corner to help you to pursue your own best life.


    Mental Wellbeing for Life

    Counselling at NiCE MiNDS brings the science of mental wellbeing to life, with practical approaches to help you thrive. We embrace a wellness model, and not an illness model, when it comes to mental health. We help you to build a personalised toolkit of approaches to feel alive, well and in charge of your life. Whether its the troubles and stresses of everyday life; depression, anxiety, trauma, or grief; coping issues - relationships / family / kids / work / study; ADD/ADHD; or dealing with illness and cancer, we are there to guide and support you.

    Executive Coaching

    Leadership / Talent / Performance

    Presence / Perspective / Emotion / Impact

    Executive Coaching can assist professionals to perform to their highest potential; grapple with personal or work issues, career ambitions and agendas; tackle inevitable politics; make effective career transitions; and feel satisfied with the juggle of work and life.

    Focus and Performance

    Workshops and Mind-Lab sessions

    Tune in / Tune Up

    NiCE MiNDS founding Psychologist, Jan Elsner, is at the forefront of teaching skills for mental wellbeing, such as mindfulness, and uses some of the latest neuro-tech devices and apps to help clients track and shift their mental and emotional patterns to enhance mental wellbeing and performance. Jan works with elite performers from sport, the arts and business... and simply anyone who wants to be at their best! Call to discuss individual sessions.

  • Fees


    Our Psychologists set their own fees.
    Please discuss your fees directly with your Psychologist.


    Please contact your Psychologist regarding their cancellation fees. Our usual practice is 2 business days notice required, however, we are more flexible in these times of COVID 19.

    Medicare - counselling (eg depression, anxiety)

    You may be eligible for a referral from your GP or medical specialist for a Medicare Mental Health Care Plan.

    This will enable you to receive a Medicare rebate of $87.45 per counselling session for up to 10 sessions per year with a General Psychologist and a Medicare rebate of $128.40 per counselling session for up to 10 sessions per year with a Clinical Psychologist.

    Please discuss this with your GP or Psychologist to see if you are eligible.

    Your Psychology expenses count towards your Medicare Safety Net expenses.

    Private Health Cover - counselling

    You may be eligible for a rebate through your private health insurer. Please check directly with your private health insurance company.

    Private Tax Deductions - coaching

    You may want to ask your accountant if your career associated coaching fees can be considered a professional development expense for tax purposes. Many clients who are either self-employed, or, for example Doctors in the medical system, prefer to access support privately as coaching, and may access a tax deduction.



    Please leave a message below or call your selected Psychologist directly on their mobile number


    Jan Elsner - 0411 108 534



    email - hello@niceminds.com.au


    Parking - please park on the upper level of Broadway Fair Shopping Centre (enter via driveway closes to Stirling Highway) and walk straight through to our rooms on the top level. Remember to get a parking ticket -your first hour of parking is free.

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